Skillbank Consulting has designed and provides to the clients (corporate, Educational Institutions, Government organizations) and candidates innovative and suitable assessment modules to identify knowledge, skills, attitudes and beliefs. Our Assessments are useful for Skill enhancements, Selection of Talent, Job readiness and Promotions in careers. knowledge, skills, attitudes, and beliefs

  • Recruitment Assessment
  • Occasional Skills Assessment
  • Campus Placement Assessment

Summative assessment

Summative assessment (or summative evaluation) refers to the assessment of participants where the focus is on the outcome of a program. This contrasts with formative assessment, which summarizes the participants' development at a particular time

Formative assessment :

Formative Assessment is the practice of building a cumulative record of student achievement, usually takes place during day to day learning experiences and involves ongoing, informal observations throughout the term, course, semester or unit of study

Assessment Process

  • Writing skills
  • Reading skills
  • Typing skills
  • Listening skills
  • Speaking skills
  • MS Office skills
  • 7. Analytical Skills
  • 8. Aptitude Skills
  • 9. Basic English
  • 10. Group Discussions
  • 11. Presentation skills
  • 12.Interview Simulations.