Multimedia & Visual Effects

Skillbank will make you stand out from the crowd! The course provides you all the knowledge on different media technologies, like visual presentation, digital photography, 2D graphics, 2D / 3D animation, advanced art, compositing, modeling, texturing, rigging, developing TV commercials / print ads, game designing, cinematography.

  • Learn to become Visual Effects artist & Create projects like TV Ads with VFX, Animated ads, Short Films, Commercials & Motion Graphics
  • Course designed with 'Toolbox Studios' a VFX studio professional worked with Indian Movie projects, TV Commercials & Indian Films
  • International standard infrastructure with hands on experience for students to work in a Studio, professional sound recording studio, latest digital camera & equipment's, latest software & hardware systems
  • 70 % practical learning, include case studies, workshop, seminars, project work and mentoring from VFX industry professionals.
  • Learn Maya, After effects, Photoshop, Focus on topic like 2d/3d compositing, 3d Stereo conversion, Match moving & tracking, Lighting & Rendering for VFX, Matte painting & Dynamic Effects.

Traditional Animation

  • History of Animation and drawing Fundamentals
  • Fundamentals of Drawing
  • Drawing for Animation
  • Pre-Production and Cinematography / Project

2D Digital Animation

  • Introduction to 2D Digital Software
  • Digital Character Designing
  • Digital Layout designing
  • Advance Animation / Project

Special Effects

  • Special Effects for Animation Movies
  • Digital Audio and Video Editing
  • Colour Grading and Mixing
  • Portfolio Development/Project

Digital Designing

  • Fundamentals of Graphics Designing and Pixel Based Editing
  • Basic Shapes, The Art of Vectors
  • Effects and Plug-Typology and Page Layout, Print Communications
  • Advanced Computer Graphics, Press Methodologies

3D Animation

  • Digital Animation and Film Making
  • Introduction to 3D Software
  • Modeling Set Environment and Scene layout
  • Texturing and Surfacing
  • Digital Lighting and Render Engines/Project