Skillbank consulting offers Flexi | Contract Staffing, Recruitment services, Executive search Solutions and the full life cycle Hiring services to the clients with the connect and access to the database of professionals and fresher's from different business verticals across the country 24|7|365. The Domain knowledge and comprehensive assessment of the requirements of the industry makes our team the specialists with planned and structured processers.

Talent mapping, hiring and retaining the best talent is always crucial aspect to the industry, as the demand is high and the talent available is limited, From identifying the most suited profile till the smooth joining formalities has got their own challenges with the trends, technology and market situations which is possible with only the dedicated teams with strong recruitment skills.

Skillbank has got a result oriented pragmatic framework which enable the most complex demands and requirements of our clients, we use cutting edge consulting as well as strategic assessment processes to get the best results.

Job Analysis

Jobs are analyzed to identify the requirements needed for employees to be successful on the job – helping both the employer and the employee. There are numerous methods of analyzing jobs including observation, interviewing, questionnaires, competency profiling, etc. This ensures accuracy of job function regardless of who is performing it, depending on the nature of the job as well as project specifications
Job analysis and development of accurate job descriptions support many human capital management aspects of an organization:

  1. Recruitment of the correct candidate
  2. Establishment of competitive compensation
  3. Individual productivity and employee engagement
  4. Streamline of work processes and accountability
  5. Identification of training needs
  6. Compliance with labor laws and legislation.

Job Description

The development of effective Job descriptions are the foundation of organizational performance, and serve as key drivers in a variety of HR functions. Skillbank develop job descriptions that are broad, descriptive, and flexible to enable adaptation to your changing needs. We work with our clients to develop effective templates, identify critical goals and unique qualifiers of their organization, and then we help to establish and connect each job’s duties back to the critical goals of the organization.

  1. Define the jobs for performance planning, transfer, promotion, staff planning
  2. Give employees written definitions and standard formats of their jobs
  3. Provide reliable sources for compensation plan design
  4. Depending on growth increase or replace staff planning
  5. Help to perform systematic analyses of organizations’ work processes
  6. Assist in meeting important compliance obligations.


The planning starts with understanding the client requirements and the utility of such input feilds to strengthen our search. On the basis, of the requirements we further work to plan strategies like requirement parameters, competency levels, challenges in understand the availability of talent pool, time and scheduling of the strategic recruitment that would follow to serve the needs.

  1. Recruitment of the correct candidate
  2. Establishment of competitive compensation
  3. Individual productivity and employee engagement
  4. Streamline of work processes and accountability
  5. Identification of training needs
  6. Compliance with labor laws and legislation.

Skill Assessments

Skills, Capabilities & Characteristic Assessment
The wealth of human capital assessments will help the strategic decisions of recruitment. Whether it’s succession planning, new hires, organizational alignment, or performance improvement, Skillbank Assessment Tools provides the knowledge you need to make the decisions that really matter. Job evaluation is a systematic process of determining the relative value of various jobs within an organization, and assigning jobs to a hierarchical index of job value. Effective job evaluation enables an organization to:

  1. Provide fair pay to its employees
  2. Attract and retain its needed talent
  3. Identify duplication of tasks and gaps between jobs and function
  4. Identify qualification requirements
  5. Place jobs in salary structures

Preliminary Screening & Interview

First level of selection process starts with preliminary screening of candidates who have applied online or offline, job fairs, existing database etc. where we assess them on Compensation Package, Job Title, Job Location and other Key Result Areas. Our team personally conducts the interviews to assess the candidate competencies and relativity.

  1. Discuss and understand candidates short and long-term goals, interest area and needs
  2. Review the skills, experiences, accomplishments, vertical knowledge and strengths.

Client Interview

Skillbank Team communicates the soft copies of the list of candidates datasheet and respective resumes to the client after the initial screening and validation, we will schedule the telephonic or direct candidate interview where the client can directly assess the capability and potential of the candidate.

  1. Selected, suitable, qualified and interested candidates with reasons of recommendation
  2. coordinate, schedule and initiate the client and candidate interviews
  3. communicate the client as well as feedback and acceptance for subsequent process


Skillbank ensure the interests of both the candidate and client are unified, the last phase of the process is the negotiation and the handholding phase where we negotiate for the salary package, offer letter and joining date. Also, we continue to maintain our relationship with both our client and selected candidate to ensure smooth integration of the candidate in the organization.

  1. Advice our assessment, expectations and relevant inputs to assist client in decision process.
  2. Quicken the process by connecting the required documentation and processes.
  3. Organize the sufficient backups to handle the last minute inputs and information.
  4. Fallow-up with both client and candidate after the smooth on boarding.
  5. Keep in constant touch to bridge any expectation gaps or dis -agreement areas.